Gary Killgo and Don Killgo were introduced to dental technology by their father, Lamar Killgo. Lamar started in the business in 1939 and was among the first dental technicians in the country to become a CDT. Following in their father’s footsteps, on March 25, 1981, Gary and Don opened Georgia Dental Laboratory, Inc. Their vision has always been for GDL to be an industry leader, offering only the highest quality dental prosthetics available.

In 1981, Georgia Dental opened at Embry Hills in a one room facility with only one employee. Since then GDL has grown tremendously. It currently resides in a 10,000 square foot facility in Tucker, Georgia and employs 50+ technicians and office personnel. It went from servicing three dentists in 1981 to currently serving dentists located from the New England states to the midwest as well as the local area. Although the lab has no inside or outside sales force, the client base continues to grow by word of mouth referrals from customers.