Mini Glaze 2

For staining and glazing
A compact, economical, easy to use, porcelain furnace ideal for dental office or laboratory air-fire staining and glazing.  Excellent for final chairside aesthetics the MiniGlaze® 2 includes a fibre muffle for consistent performance, automatic temperature control and adjustable temperature rate. The MiniGlaze® 2 is essential for the dentist or technician who takes pride in offering customised service. 

– Fibre Muffle for increased performance
– Adjustable temperature rate
– Adjustable temperature control
– Low energy consumption
– Temperature indicator
– Portable and lightweight



Meiji turret and zoom style microscopes designed for use in the dental profession are available.  Wide field of vision and deep depth of field makes these microscopes well suited for dental use.  Microscopes with digital cameras or video cameras are also available.  Email or call Georgia Dental Laboratory for pricing and details.


Futar D

Georgia Dental Laboratory is a distributor for the complete line of Roydent Dental Products featuring Futar D bite registration.  It is a non-brittle, quick setting material with mousse-like qualities.  Comes in a standard package with 2-48 ml cartridges and 12 mixing tips.


Perla-Dia & Poly-Dia Wheels

The standard for silicone impregnated diamond contouring and polishing wheels.  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these wheels save valuable chair time because you can do light re-contouring of crowns and composites right in your office.  Perla-Dia wheels contour and polish while generating little or no heat which is known to cause micro fractures and stresses in porcelain restorations.  Super Shine wheels put a glaze-like finish on porcelain and composite surfaces that reduce the need to re-glaze or polish adjusted restorations.


Shade Guides

Please note the image of the old ivoclar ‘stumpfmaterial die material’ shade guide compared to the new ‘natural die material’ shade guide.  As you can see, there are drastic variations from one guide to the next.  Please make sure that you identify which guide you are using as a reference so that we are using the corresponding guide during fabrication.  You may choose to designate by using ST or ND prior to the number selected.  We recommend that you procure the new guide and discard the old one as soon as possible.  The new guide has more viable choices for prepped dentin shading.


Safety Seal Bags

Safety seal bags are a specially designed plastic bag used to protect your paper work from the disinfected impressions while sending your case to the lab.  Each bag has two pouches, one for the impression and the other for your paper work.


Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes

Available in watt saver 32-watt size or the standard 40-watt. These tubes meet or exceed the standard for color corrected lamps.


Denar Articulators

As a significant user of Denar Articulators, we can supply your practice with Denar Articulators at competitive pricing.  Contact us about pricing and availability of the Denar Model Articulator that you desire.  We can also supply your practice with Slidematic face bow sets at a competitive price.


Magnetic Converter Plates & Mounting Rings

Denar magnetic converter plates allow you to use magnetic mounting plates on your models.  No more screwing and un-screwing mounting plates to change models in your articulator.  With magnetic mounting plates your models are held in place by magnetic force, simply pull the models off the articulator and position new models in place.  We also have mounting rings for Denar, SAM, and Stratos Articulators.