Crown & Bridge

Full Cast Crown, Inlay and Onlay

  • Noble or high noble alloys
  • Waxed, cast and finished in white or yellow gold

Porcelain to Metal

  • Porcelain shoulder margins available
  • Noble or high noble alloys
  • Porcelain is baked onto a cast metal coping or substructure

Full Cast Crown  2

porcelain to metal bridge PFM


Maryland Bridge

  • Requires minimal tooth reduction or preparation
  • Metal-ceramic, zirconia or composite 
  • Replaces a missing tooth/teeth with pontic(s)
  • Bonded utilizing lingual retainers (wings) on adjacent teeth

Tin Plating

  • Tin electroplated the interior of lingual retainers
  • Enhances the bonding strength of the bridge to the tooth 

Maryland Bridge post tin plateing

maryland bridge



 Reduction Coping

  • Assist doctors in further preparing the prepped tooth 
  • Ensures the proper fit of a restoration designed for a model that has been adjusted 

Cast Post

  • For root canal teeth
  • Waxed, cast and finished post and core replace the root to build up the tooth to support a crown 


Ball attachment on post



 Overdenture Coping

  • A cast cap to cover a prepped tooth to preserve the tooth or add an attachment such as a retainer for a denture

 Laser Weld

  •  Used to repair crowns, bridges and implants in lieu of soldering

Ring Clasp for 360 Mill