Pressed Ceramic Restoration

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emax reconstruction waxup with index Emax restorations are constructed using a lost wax technique. Shown to the left is a waxup created by one of our skilled technicians of the restoration. Above the waxup is an index of where the final plane of occlusion will be once hand stacked porcelain is added. The waxup is cut back from its current state to provide room for porcelain technicians to add lifelike depth and translucency at a later stage.
emax reconstruction with cutback and inex Molds of the waxup are then made in stone so that the wax can be be cooked out leaving space for emax lithium disilicate to be injected into its place. After injection and removal from the stone mold sprues are removed from each tooth and each tooth is seated on the die as shown here.
emax pressed ceramic 1 Once each crown is properly seated, porcelain technicians stack additional porcelain with mixtures of various stains to create the finished restoration. Since all mouths are different shades, translucencies are available for most situations- including bleached white shades.
emax pressed ceramic Emax