Full Contour Zirconia


Full Contour Zirconia Restorations

  • Stained for proper esthetics 
  • Porcelain added creates natural transparency 
  • 1279 mpa zirconium strength
  • Pink tissue shading available


  • Observe sufficient retention (3 mm stump min)
  • Provisional cementation not recommended
  • Zinc-oxide phosphate cement or glass ionomer luting cement 


  • If grinding is required for placement, re-polish to high gloss
  • For grinding a wet 40 um diamond bit is recommended
  • Diamond polishing bits recommended to avoid antagonist abrasion damage


full contour zirconia pfz

full contour zirconia fcz-4

  full contour zirconia fcz  2   full contour zirconia pfz 3