Fixed Removables

Hybrid Fixed

hybrid Overdenture 3

Estech Fixed Removable

Estech Latch-6

Biterim on Baseplate

Bite block on baseplate-2

Implant Acrylic Biterim

implant retained occlusal rim


Acrylic Partial
Single Tooth Partial

Flexible Partial
flexible partial

Clasps and Frameworks

Fexible Partial Clasp

  • Flexible clasp assembly engages the tooth

Tooth colored Clasp Partial-2

 Ball Clasp

  • Retensive element for acrylic partials

ball clasp

Cast Partial Clasp

  • Removable dental prosthesis

Cast Clasp

Tooth Colored Clasp

  • Provides retention with better esthetics than metal 

Tooth colored Clasp Partial

 Wrought Wire ClaspWraught Wire Clasp Partial-4

 Cast Partial FrameworkCast Partial


Denture Setup & Repair

  Custom Impression Tray
Custom Impression Tray

 Central Bearing Pointpen tracer-2


 Hard or Soft Denture Relinedenture reline-10

 Surgical Stent

implant placement guide

Hard/Soft Nightguards (Available with Glowbright)

Hard Soft Knight Guard




Perio Stent

  • Used for tissue recontouring

Presentation Models

  • Helps dentist explain treatment for patients 

Hydrocast Articulation

  • Functional impression of tissue conditioning material 


Partial Repair

Set Up Partial

  • to set denture teeth on a framework

Soft Bleaching Tray

  • Specialty tray used when bleaching teeth 

Soft Mouthguard

  • Occlusal device to protect teeth 


Avoid Embarassment Denture

Andrews Full and Partial Denture

  •  Bar and sleeve system for partials and overdenture


Characterized Acrylic

  • Application of unique coloration enhacing natural appearance 


 Gasket Clasp

  • Soft material used to reline dentures and partials

Denture or Partial Repair

  • Procedure to repair cracks or fractures in the denture's acrylic or framework



  • Used to alter muscles during mandibular closure

Essex Retainer

  • Provides retention for a single tooth to hold it in place


Gasket Partial

Immediate Denture

  • A denture that is placed after tooth extraction